So you want to travel the world?

Travel is not inherently fun. In fact, ‘fun’ is not even close to the top of the list of words I would use to describe it.

Travel can be exhilarating, celebratory, luxurious and extravagant at times.

Travel can also be spiritual, rejuvenating and healing.

One of my favorite views while in Maui, HI.

At times it can consist of plans gone awry, homesickness, culture shock, digestive issues from new cuisine or intense jet lag.

Above all else, the word I would use to describe travel is necessary.

It is necessary because on the average day, we are all enclosed in our personal life bubbles.

These bubbles of predictability, of comfort. Of our own cultures and traditions and social norms.

If we don’t break out of these bubbles every so often, it becomes increasingly difficult to see beyond them.

Travel has taught me how to relate to people. How to really connect with them, even if I don’t completely understand their way of life. Getting lost in cities where I don’t speak the language and still being able to find my way home through the kindness of a stranger reminds me that we are all the same.

During my solo travels, there were moments where I experienced intense feelings of isolation and loneliness. Only being able to rely on myself in these times helped me to discover who I am when no one is looking or checking up on me. It also helped me to develop trust in myself and doubt my abilities less.

A rewarding view after a long day of getting totally lost in the countryside of Interlaken, Switzerland.

Travel doesn’t have to be a trip to Europe or a trek through The Sahara. It can be a day trip to a nearby town you’ve never explored. It can be a roadtrip with friends, or a spontaneous weekend getaway inspired by a mistake-fare plane ticket.

Climbing in Sedona, AZ.

Travel is never perfect. It’s not naturally Instagrammable, it’s not all YouTube video-montage gold. There will be GoPro-worthy moments, but none of these things are the goal.

Get out of your head. Break away from what you know. Learn something new.


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